MoneyHub 2.0

My Role: Lead designer

MoneyHub is an award winning financial app that connects unlimited accounts, investments and assets in one place. MoneyHub provide users with real-time financial overview, wherever they are.

As the lead designer, I designed a intuitive user interface that displays complex financial data. Also, a UI that allows MoneyHub users to have a simpler finance management from web, tablet to mobile.

My role involved thinking through the UX of the app, creating wireframes for fast decision making, prototyping in Invision for interaction, visualisation, user testing, and the creation of assets for final product delivery.

Working in an agile team of designers and developers, we created a financial app that makes the complexity of financial management simple and easier to manage all in one place, and increased the existing user base by 200%.

MoneyHub 2.0: Take me there >>>

UX/UI Design team
Beuno David | Sherony Lock | Warren Chapman | Pete Francomb