Flood and Coastal Defence Funding

My Role: UX Designer

The Environment Agency has an allocation of £2.4B in flood and costal defence grants. This grant is available to local regional councils through an application process. A process that involves filling in a intimidating 400 column spreadsheet that most find hard to comprehend let alone fill.

The task was to replace the spreadsheet with a online application tool. A tool that is user friendly, accessible and meets all Government Design Standards (GDS).

Working as the UX designer in a lean agile team, I lead the design process of the new online tool. Initial task was to gather findings from user interviews, focus groups and business requirements. I then mapped out the various user flows on paper allowing rapid iterating.

With user flows set, I then wireframed a low fidelity clickable prototype. This allowed the team to see quickly how the service works and to allow design decisions to be made in little time. A realistic prototype was then created in code using the Government Prototype Toolkit. This served as a tool for user testing and the final design to pass on to developers.

User testing was done throughout all stages of design and development, with testing results feeding back to drive further designs and iterations.

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